Upcoming Exhibition


Thou Art MumWhat Lies Beneath 2017

A conceptual exhibition by Thou Art Mum exploring the theme of layers. Montsalvat, Long Gallery  3 - 29 May.

Layers exist in a myriad of physical, intellectual and superficial forms.

The natural world is constructed by layers, from rock formations to the design of plants and animals. We attire ourselves in layers, expressing ourselves through them, hiding behind them, and exploring our creativity within them.

We ourselves are a direct result of layers, from the skin on our bodies to the structure of our cells. Our surface layers experience alteration with time, while our minds collect experiences which compile to form our unique personalities.

Join our artists as they use their own unique perspective of layers to explore the ordinary and unravel the remarkable.

Exhibition Opening: 4 May, 6.30pm - 8.30pm.

Member artist Helen Platania will officially open the exhibition. All welcome. Light refreshments provided. Inquiries to 03 9439 7712 or montsalvat@montsalvat.com.au


Past Exhibitions

  • 2017 Meet Me @, The Vines Cafe, Diamond Creek

Cafes are a place to connect, refresh and rejuvenate. In a world saturate by social media, cafes have become the face of real social interaction.

(Opening: Kirstin Bowden - TAM President 2017)


  • 2016 Spring @ Home, Interiors by Riveresque, Warrandyte

Spring is the most anticipated of seasons; a time of rejuvenation, regrowth and renewal; when the concept of time holds new meaning, social rituals such as the "Spring Clean" begin and events of cultural significance are celebrated. As the length of daylight increases and warmth awakens new plant growth, the doors and windows of our homes are opened and colour and liveliness take centre stage.

(Margaret Young - President)


  • 2016 Scarlet StoriesMontsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham

An exploration of the colour red. Red is the most emotive of colours – a symbol throughout culture and history, a celebration of life and our oldest known pigment.

(Linda MacAulay – Local artist)


  • 2015 A Taste of TAM, Bridges Restaurant Gallery, Hurstbridge

Thou Art Mum celebrates their 10th year anniversary with a vibrant and engaging 18th exhibition.

(Katiuska Cruz – Founder)


  • 2015 De-saturate, The Vine’s Cafe Gallery, Diamond Creek         

An expression in black and white.

(Margaret Young – President)


  • 2015 Up, Up and Away, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham                                    

An exploration of above the horizon.

(Cr Craig Langdon – Mayor of Banyule City)


  • 2014 Fishy Business, The Vine’s Cafe Gallery, Diamond Creek

A look at all things fish.             

(Connie Nikolovski – Ovarian Cancer Australia)


  • 2014 On The Surface, Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park                          

An exploration of pattern and texture.

(Margaret Young – President & Tracey McIrvine – Gasworks Arts Park Curator)


  • 2014 Branching Out, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham                            

The tree show.

(Amanda Gibson – Project Manager of ‘The Tree Project’)


  • 2013 Little Birdy, The Vine’s Cafe Gallery, Diamond Creek                                  

An exploration of birds.

(Sue Bayre – Local Artist)


  • 2013 Iconically Australian, Eltham Library Gallery                                               

An exhibition exploring Australian identity through place, history and personal narratives.

(Jeannette Davison - Arts Manager, Montsalvat)


  • 2012 Snapshot, Bridges Gallery, Hurstbridge                                         

An exhibition exploring the things we often overlook or take for granted.

(Irene Pagram – Eltham Library Curator)


  • 2011 Tribute, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham   

An exhibition tributing each artists’ significant influence on their own artistic endeavors.     

(Helen Coleman – Major of Nillumbik)


  • 2011 Moments in Time, Eltham Library Gallery                                       

An exhibition capture and share a moment of historical or personal significance, a moment of joy, sadness or beauty in all that surrounds and influences us in our lives.

(Katiuska Cruz – Founder)


  • 2010 Dilemmas of Modern Motherhood, Manningham Gallery, Doncaster  

Motherhood is a great joy, but what of the frustrations? Members express their continuing challenges of juggling all that motherhood brings with honesty and humour.

(Jeanette Jennings – Art Educator and Community Artist)


  • 2009 Dimensions of Motherhood, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham                      

An exhibition that enables members to consider all that Motherhood encompasses, including the changes within ourselves and our identity as well as how we relate to others around us.

(Cr Helen Coleman – Nillumbik Councilor)


  • 2008 Stamp, Evelyn County Estate Gallery, Kangaroo Ground    

Works created on the 12” x 16” theme using a “stamp” as a uniting element.

(Lisa Foote – Local Artist)


  • 2007 Asia Celtic Egyptian, Eltham Library Gallery                                               

An exhibition of works depicting flights of fantasy and exploration of the style and iconography of these exotic cultural influences.

(Terrianne Murray – Local Artist)


  • 2006 Secret Garden, Bridges Gallery, Hurstbridge

An exhibition with the Eltham Copper Butterfly used as a uniting element.

(Steve Herbert MP)


  • 2006 Family Picnic, Wine on High, Kew

(Katiuska Cruz – Founder)


  • 2005 Family Picnic, The Stonehouse Gallery, Warrandyte

The inaugural exhibition with a cheerful celebratory theme.

(Opening Speaker : Katiuska Cruz – Founder)